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We renovated!
March 2021

We used the Corona-related "downtime" to renovate and upgrade our apartment. There are so many mercatini in the Monferrato, such as in Moncalvo, Casale Monferrato or Asti, which have such a vast variety of furniture for sale. In between the various lockdowns and switches from rosso to arancione and giallo, we managed to travel to the various markets and found, among other smaller items, a beautiful old kitchen table and two beautiful Chester sofas to give the kitchen and living rooms an even more rustic feel.

White Truffle Season
8th December 2019

This year we were very lucky to visit the house of the Fratelli Natta in Grazzano Badoglio, just around the corner from La Famulenta. Dario is the winemaker and his brother Fulvio doubles up as a 'trifulau' (which in local accent means truffle hunter). Dario checked out the cellar of Fulvio and found a plentiful basket from where we could buy some of the white gold directly from the horse's mouth - so to speak. The truffle were so aromatic (con tanti profumi - as they say here) and guaranteed from the local area. If you need tips where to get the best white truffles, do let us know. We are happy to share some secrets with you.

Grazzano Badoglio
25 September 2018

Beautiful day for harvesting the local grapes around the vineyards of Grazzano Badoglio. We have been wondering around the village with its beautiful views and while standing on the churchyard we could see the tractors ferrying the grapes to the weighing station just below the village wall from where the grapes would go on to the local cooperative. 2018 looks to be a great vintage. We cannot wait to try them next year.

Verduno Pelaverga Festival
3 September 2018

Don't miss out to visit also some of the lesser known appellations within the Barolo area such as Verduno. Each year early September they organise a Wine, Food and Music Festival. There's plenty of Pelaverga to drink, the typical grape variety from Verduno, but also one can encounter quirky food trucks as this one here...

Murisengo Truffle Fair
23 November 2014

During the Murisengo Truffle Fair on 16 and 23 November 2014 we discovered a wonderful new snack from around the region called "Schiciola". Also known as 'Friciola" in Asti, it is made from a dough with semolina, yeast and water, deep-fried briefly until it puffs up, then rolled in rosemary and salt, cut open and filled with cheese and lardo. Eaten while steamy hot... Accompanied by a glass of Grignolino or even better a Vin Brûlée ...

70th Fiammifero at
Distilleria Romano Levi

Few products can truthfully claim to be unique, but Romano Levi grappas are one of those few. Sadly he passed away in 2008. We were fortunate having visited him in the mid-80’s and even having been sold one of these rare bottles. Rumor has it that he denied giving bottles to celebrities like food and wine legend, Luigi Veronelli when they showed up at his door. He didn't do it out of spite but perhaps he just didn't realize how "important" these visitors were. After all...

Moncalvo Truffle Fair
26 October 2014

Today was the second and final Sunday of the Moncalvo Truffle Fair. It was colder than last Sunday, so we were much more in the mood. Again, prizes were given to the best truffle hunters, but we headed straight to the food tent of the "Pro Loco Moncalvo" - equipped with a bottle of Barbera d'Asti, we bought from the stall of Roberto Cabiale. Another lesson learnt from last Sunday was to buy a small truffle, bring your own slicer and 'enrich' your food with a few extra slices of the white gold...